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fruitcore robotics

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  • Category Industry
  • Full Address Macairestraße 3 78467 Konstanz

About Us

With its Digital Robot Platform, fruitcore robotics offers all building blocks for optimal automation in industry – from project planning to ongoing operation: Economical. Flexible. Efficient. In addition to intelligent industrial robots, this Digital Robot Platform also includes a central control software, preconfigured automation modules and supporting services. You benefit from … maximum cost-effectiveness due to minimal acquisition and maintenance costs with a long service life. The usual ROI is less than 6 months. … highest flexibility through fastest and easiest setup as well as user-friendly programming with or without coding. Reprogram processes in less than 60 minutes. … highest efficiency through easiest and fastest project planning with a patented modular system. Your effort is only 15 % compared to standard integration. Our service includes, among other things, free feasibility analyses, holistic training concepts (live or on-demand), non-binding test phases. With the Digital Robot Platform, you can automate numerous industrial applications more easily – e.g. camera-supported quality inspections, machine feeds, dosing and gluing processes, flexible part separation and pick & place processes. About us: fruitcore robotics was founded in 2017 by five friends from the robotics research community. In addition to our headquarters in Konstanz, we have our own production facility in Villingen. We are a deep-tech company specialized in automation that has become a pioneer in developing the most user-friendly and industry-oriented solutions. We give people and companies more time. Our team is driven by a shared passion for technology to rewrite the history of intelligent automation. The highest level of customer satisfaction is our aspiration. We operate at eye level with the needs of the industry.